Monday, May 3, 2010

I am now a MediaWiki developer (and Commons admin)

I have been filing and maintaining bug reports in MediaWiki for a while now, trying to communicate issues found by the editor community back to the developer community. Over time, increasingly I have been submitting patches to fix some of the bugs that I find. I never really had the intention to become a MediaWiki developer to be honest, but I guess I filed enough patches that people suggested to me that I should request commit access myself. So last week I sent off an email to Tim Starling and last night I was granted commit access to MediaWiki.

I'll be taking this slow, because much of what interests me (the media and file repository work) is unfortunately not well tested on a day to day basis by others, while still able to create quite the havoc if you make mistakes.

In other news, I also recently became an administrator on Wikimedia Commons. I'm reasonably active on Commons due to image moves from Wikipedia to Commons and recently I fixed up Cat-a-lot, which is a very useful Javascript gadget to move multiple files from one category to another, as well as some other userscripts that were having problems with the Vector skin.

As you can see those are quite a few roles that I am now active in and of course my time is limited. I'll try to do my best to alternate between those roles, so please be patient if you need my attention, but don't hesitate to ask me for help if you need it. You know the way.